Wine Tasting on Oct. 14th Featuring Velvet Antler

September 26, 2014

Meet Andy Ross while we taste his "Opening Day Blend" October 14th from 4-7pm.

Opening day has so many possibilities. The memories made while climbing up and over a hill to track a moose, building a camp fire, or exchanging advice from one generation to another don't come without careful planning and preparation. Like hunting, much of the wine making process is dependent upon nature and what it yields. 

The name Velvet Antler is legendary for setting the stage for a magical time of year. "Velvet Antler Wine has been a dream of mine for a long time. I specifically wanted a wine chosen to pair with wild game," says world class bow hunter and TV host of Maximum Archery, Andy Ross. "I love to bring people together and that's what Velvet Antler is all about."

Andy didn't start out in the wine business. A successful bow hunting career led to the creation of Maximun Archery, a TV show that features Andy hunting conventional and not so conventional animals (sharks!) using a bow. Through this success, he made the leap into a music career after writing "Three legged dog". As he begins to film his 8th season of Maximum Archery, Andy now incorporates visiting radio stations and performing with his talented band while touring. His entrepreneurial spirit doesn't stop there. His other business ventures include Velvet Antler Wines, Krossroad Guitars, Maximum Archery The Game, and his latest project Ambush Archery

We are so excited to have Andy Ross at the tasting! Drop by, meet him, and chat face-to-face!

A note about the wine: Velvet Antler's Opening Day Blend is comprised of 50% Syrah and 50% Petite Sirah. It offers complex fruit with flavors and aromas of select berries, all beautifully complimenting nature's ultimate prize; wild game!


Photo courtesy of Velvet Antler Wines.