Red Wine Wins at the White vs. Red Wine Tasting

September 20, 2013

By: Kathryn Good

White wine seemed to be what Bluegrass customers were talking about before the White vs. Red wine tasting, but red wine quickly took the spotlight once the tasting began. The reason? Liberty School’s new wines and their Pinot Noir in particular.

Liberty School’s Cabernet has been in the store for a while now and is a consistent best seller, so when Paso Robles Hope Family wine released a Pinot Noir and Merlot in early summer, Bluegrass Beverages was quick to pick them up.

When I walked in to Bluegrass, I saw Crystal behind the tasting counter featuring two reds and two whites for a wine tasting called as White vs. Red. She quickly handed me a glass of Liberty School Pinot Noir (2012) and said, “You have to try this. You will love it.” Impressed that she remembered my wine preferences and excited to try something new, I sipped the wine with a smile, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I think I’ve found a new favorite.

I stayed for a little while and listened to what others had to say about the various wines that Bluegrass was offering. Most said they preferred white wine but were willing to taste the red. After all, a tasting presents the opportunity to try something new. I don’t think I heard one disappointing review about this Pinot Noir. In fact, two women came in quite insistent that they did not like red. Guess what? They left with a bottle of Liberty School Pinot Noir. Goes to show you that venturing out from your usual selections can provide the opportunity to learn more about wine and your taste buds. 

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Here are some comments on the other wines of the evening:

Liberty School Merlot (2011)

This heavy-bodied red definitely took a back seat to the Pinot Noir at the tasting, but it is definitely worth trying a bottle. Bill Sinks, the owner of Bluegrass Beverages, wisely suggested that this one will be more popular as we head into cooler weather.

Oyster Bay Chardonnay (2012)

A new addition to Bluegrass Beverages, this New Zealand Chardonnay was a much different selection for our Californian Chardonnay drinkers. Zesty and ripe but with a creamy finish. A Chard lover was at the tasting and gave her approval.

Jean Sablenay Sauvignon Blanc (2011)

This bottle also offered citrus flavors but continued to offer hints of grapefruit right to the end. This crisp white wine seemed to make it feel a little more like a summer evening even though the temperature was starting to cool off on that September night.