7 Amazing Humidor Facts

October 30, 2014

You guessed it! This lovely picture is a humidor, a walk-in humidor in fact. Bluegrass is uber excited about offering fine cigars in the store. Once our renovation is complete, customers will be able to purchase a bottle of scotch (or beer, whatever suits your tastes) and their favorite cigar to go with it. 

What is a humidor exactly, and why is it important to store cigars in a quality humidor? Our 7 amazing humidor facts will answer these questions plus a few others you didn't know you had.

1. A humidor is any cigar storage container that regulates internal humidity. The recommended range is between 68-72% humidity at room tempurature. Too low, and the cigars will dry out. Too high, and you risk tobacco beetles infesting your cigar stash....yuck!

2. The material of the humidor is extremely important to proper storage as well as maintaining flavor. For the outside, go with mahogany. Other timbers work, but mahogany is recommended because it is un-reactive in multiple conditions therefore it will not warp. For the lining, Spanish Cedar is the standard. It regulates temps better, discourages pest infestations, and gives cigars a prized spicy flavor over time.

3. How the humidor is crafted can affect the aging process. Without snug joints, a tight lid, and perfectly installed hinges, you're cigars will most likely be ruined before you even get to smoke them.

4. Keep your humidor full. The more empty space, the more the humidity levels will fluctuate. 

5. Keep your humidor in a shaded spot in your home. Sun rays can raise the temperature of the humidor affecting the aging process.

6. Cigars can be aged anywhere from 1 year to 10 years in properly maintained humidors. The affects of aging will improve the overall flavor and burn of the cigar.

7. Useless fact. The Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball team stores game balls in a humidor. Denver's high altitude and low humidity can affect the performance of the baseball, so storing them in a humidor protects them!