Perfect Wine and Pie Pairings

November 20, 2018

The holiday season is upon us which means two things: lots of food and lots of family. You know what pairs great with both? Wine. We’re joking… kind of. Something about these gatherings means that there will be an abundance of pies—likely of multiple varieties. Pair any of your favorite flavor pies with the perfect glass of wine.

Pecan + Madeira

A bit like port, Madeira has a bit more of a “burnt” taste to it and is perfectly sweet to pair with the brown sugar and molasses texture and taste of pecan pie. This holds true even if you like your pecan pie with added chocolate or bourbon—the more the merrier!

Sweet Potato + Riesling

A late harvest Riesling offers a refreshing change after a heavy, carb-loaded, gravy-soaked meal. The bright acidity of a Riesling balances the heavy and dense texture and flavor of a sweet potato pie.

Apple + Moscato d’Asti

By the dessert course of any holiday meal, guests are likely feeling full of food and alcohol, so a low-alcohol wine isn’t a bad idea. Moscato has nice fruity tones that pair well with the buttery crust and apple tartness of an apple pie.

Pumpkin + Chardonnay

Honestly, Chardonnay can be a challenge to pair with much; it is a type of wine that likes to stand independent. A classic pumpkin pie can handle Chardonnay, however, and makes a great pair. Because pumpkin pie is dense and spicy, a crisp Chardonnay is a nice option.

Blueberry + Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is full of bold flavors like dark fruit and blackberries that stand alongside a blueberry pie nicely. A great Cab would actually pair well with many dark fruit pies, so don’t shy away from any of those flavors!

Wine and Pie Pairings

Peanut Butter Pie + Pinot Noir

There’s a reason that peanut butter and jelly are one of the perfect pairs. A glass of deep, sweet Pinot Noir is exactly the complement to a rich and nutty Peanut Butter or French Silk pie.

Chess + Gewurztraminer

Chess is a Southern holiday favorite, though it can be over the top for those who aren’t familiar. Intensely sweet and rich, chess pie needs a wine with a bright acidity. A refreshing, citrus Gewurztraminer cuts through all of the pie’s sugar and creates a nice balance.

Chocolate + Port

Port wine and chocolate are a classic pair, so why stray? Your favorite Port can complement any of your favorite chocolate holiday desserts- fudge pie, chocolate cream pie, or even a mousse. The chocolate pie is sweet, decadent, and silky and deserves a great wine to accompany it.

Lemon Meringue + Sauvignon Blanc

The trick is to find a wine that has more acidity than the lemon pie so the two don’t wipe the citrus flavors out and leave the tastes strong and too sharp to enjoy. A bright and fresh Sauvignon Blanc is the best partner to a tangy lemon meringue.

Cherry + Syrah

Dessert is already sweet, so you don't want a wineglass full of syrup. The tannins and spice in a Syrah blend pair well with a fruit-forward pie, like sour cherry. Wines with high acidity tend to make good pairings with strong fruit notes

Enjoy your holiday festivities, food, and family with the perfect glass of wine. Our associates at Bluegrass Beverages would be happy to help you find the perfect bottle of wine to complement your dinner, dessert, and everything in between. Cheers!