The Best Fall Wines

November 8, 2016

best fall winesThere are certain wines that fare best with cuisine of each season. While you’re pulling on your boots, scarves and sweaters for the first days, pour a glass of one of our favorite fall wines.


Oaked Chardonnay

Oaked wines are simply wines that spend time in oak barrels before they are bottled. Winemakers have found that oak can enhance the color of the wine and soften the flavors. The slight vanilla flavor imparted from oak barrels comes from a compound living inside oak known as vanillin (hence the name). This added flavor element lends itself to the fall season, where unoaked wines are a little more bright, crisp, and summery.

Serve with: Veal chops with mushrooms, late summer vegetables, pumpkin ravioli.


Soft Red Blend

A red blend is the perfect glass of warmth for a fall night. Medium-bodied reds lend themselves to sitting around a bonfire and fall harvest foods. Red blends are also ideal for those who aren’t especially keen on red wines, but want to enjoy something a little bolder than the usual white.  

Serve with: sautéed wild mushrooms, roast turkey


Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has the reputation for being hard to grow, however it’s becoming increasingly easier to find a great one at a decent price. Look for a bottle with Sonoma Country on the label- it’s one of the best Pinot Noir regions in the U.S.  Pinot Noir is an easy red to drink with fruity notes that aren’t overwhelming.

Serve with: buttery skin-on salmon, lentil-beet salad, wild mushroom bruschetta


Sparkling Wine

For times when you’re feeling a bit festive, sparkling wines will do the trick. Whether it’s an engagement party, a girl’s night, or just an easy date, sparkling wine is a fun go-to. While Champagne can be a rare luxury, the range of sparkling wines has increased and remain a little more affordable. Italian Proseccos or sparkling Rosè are slightly sweeter but can boast the same effect. Bonus: sparkling wines pair well with virtually any food.

Serve with: baked macaroni and cheese, Korean BBQ short ribs, sushi


If you need any recommendations for our favorite of each of these wines, don’t hesitate to ask any of our sales associates!