Pairing Wine with Chocolates, Our Favorite!

November 12, 2015

Here at Bluegrass Beverages, one of our favorite questions that our customers ask is, “What would taste good with _____?” You can fill in the blank with any type of dish you are serving and we’ve probably been asked about it, but our favorite pairings to share are the pairings with candy or dessert. Yum! What a sweet part of a shared meal or celebration – the dessert, our favorite.

So, with the holidays coming up, we thought we would share some of our favorite wine and chocolate pairings to get you thinking about those holiday meals, parties, and gifts. Just remember, there is always a perfect wine for every chocolate. If you don’t see your chocolate of choice listed here, just ask and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect wine.

Here are our favorites:

Ménage à Trois + Amedei White chocolate

bottle_red_png.png 73-119-meta_product_png.png


Moscato Poggio + Guido Gobino milk chocolate

89737_png.png 19288coco_png.png


Washington Hills Riesling +  Michel Cluizel milk chocolate

wahillslhriesnvbswebnewjpg_png.png download_png.png


Rosa Regale + Venchi dark chocolate

rosa-regale-1.jpg venchi_-_85_png-(1).png


Osborne Sherry + Valrhona dark chocolate

OsborneFinoHires_png.png Valrhona-Guanaja-Cocoa-Nibs-10893_png.png

We recently shared this information along with a tasting of each pair at Taste of Hendersonville, a Vol State event hosted at Country Hills. Everyone had a great time, and we believe we all learned more about our favorite wines. Having an event this year? Let us know if we can help!