Thanksgiving Wines

November 21, 2014

Not to get too sentimental...but...what are you thankful for?

As for us, too many to count - a great remodel that finished on time, our employees who worked through the loud construction, Hendersonville for being so good to us over the years, OUR CUSTOMERS (you guys rock!), our sweet new blessing this year, Evie Drew who has stolen our hearts, and so much more. Take a minute and express gratitude this Thanksgiving. I've never known anyone who heard "thank you" too much.


Ok, on to the food and wine!

Turkey or ham? Do you offer both to guests or do you secretly pick your favorite to serve? Are you going rogue this year and serving bacon as the main meat? Sign me up! Bluegrass has wines that compliment whatever you choose.

Turkey + Wine

Turkey is traditionally not "packed with flavor" like ham or beef. Sure, you can add all kinds of rubs and spice combinations or deep fry it to add flavor, but at the end of the day, turkey is mild. Like most poultry, the flavor is greatly enhanced by a nice wine pairing.

Trimbach Riesling - $19.99

Riesling varieties work with turkey because of the fruit and floral notes and can be either dry or sweet. Flavors can vary from apricot and honey to peach and pineapple. Rieslings are a top pick as its clarifying acidity pairs well with fixins like sweet potato casserole, herb-filled stuffing or a slice of apple pie. The crispness of a Riesling will be a refreshing addition to your Thanksgiving feast.

Pacific Rim Gewurztraminer - $12.99

A great dry white wine option, the Gewurztraminer has some attitude. The aromatic gusto and spicy palate appeal hold up against turkey and gravy and rich and creamy side dishes like mac n' cheese and smashed potatoes.

Ham + Wine

Ham, full of flavor and rolled in honey and brown sugar, is delicious. The whole house gets infused with the aroma...yummm. So, what wine will compliment this full flavor meat?

Bila-Haut Rouge - $13.99

We shortened the name above so you can find it easily in the store. This delicious French blended wine will pair with either turkey or ham. The full bodied red (Rouge) matches well with thick cut ham and fresh roasted vegetables.

Mark West Pinot Noir - $10.99
Meomi Pinot Noir - $19.99 

Pinot Noir typically exhibits a combination of fruit and earthy flavors like cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, mushroom, leather, and notes of gaminess. All of these will compliment a ham plus grandma's famous cherry cobbler. Pinots are dry, but not like a Cabernet, and they play nice with poultry, so this will will pair with turkey, too.

No matter what meat you choose, remember to offer guests both a red and white. Personal preference will generally trump any expert advice, and your guests will be happy to have variety. Say grace, dig in, and drink up! Happy Thanksgiving.