Kick Off to Summer: New Summer Drinks for Your Beer Growler

May 17, 2016

As the weather is getting warmer, we’re all getting ready for summer drinks to fill our beer growlers. Whether it’s wine or a specialty beer, our Hendersonville growler station is ready to fill your summer drink needs. Here are some of our favorite summer options for your beer growler.
Bell’s Oberon (ABV: 5.8%)
A classic for summer, we added Bell’s Oberon to the lineup at our Sumner County growler station last month. If you’re headed out to the lake, you can’t forget some Oberon.
Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer (ABV: 4%)
There’s nothing like a crisp pilsner on a warm day, and this pils-style session ale is even better than a plain pilsner. We just added it to our lineup, and its brightness comes from flavors like citrus zest, sea salt, and lemongrass.
Yazoo Embrace The Funk Zure Bruine Sour (ABV: 6.2%)
One of Yazoo’s sour and wild beers, this is another recent addition to our Hendersonville growler station that your beer growler won’t want to miss. The sour flavor tastes just like summer to us.
Lagunitas Waldos’ Special Ale (ABV: 11.5%)
The Waldos’ Special Ale is a great high gravity option for summer. Coming from California-based Lagunitas, it’s a summer beer for the beer drinker that wants something with a bit more alcohol.
Sonoma Cider The Hatchet Apple Cider (ABV: 6%)
Is there anything that says summer more than crisp, clean hard cider? For those of you who like to fill your beer growler with something other than beer, this specialty cider is for you.
Luna Pinot Grigio (ABV: 13.8%)
We know some of our Sumner County growler station fans aren’t beer drinkers, so we always keep two wines on tap. A pinot grigio is a perfect cold summer wine.
Don’t forget that we also offer kegs of all kinds of wonderful beer at our Hendersonville growler station. If you need more than just a beer growler for your next summer party, check out our list of keg beers here.
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