Mother's Day Wine and FREE Printable

May 8, 2014

Mother's Day is almost here! Are you ready? It is offocially last minute, and if you have yet to find that perfect gift for your mom, we are here to help!

What better gift than relaxation? Sit back and enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir with the mom in your life. Your wife, mom or grandmother would all love to spend a little relaxing time with you. Let me tell you...moms are BUSY these days, and sitting back with a glass of wine in hand just does wonders for the psyche! Instead of going for the prettiest label or the one closest to the door, let us give a few tips on picking a good wine for the mom in your life!

Where do you start when picking a bottle of wine?

White - With the warm weather finally here, you can't really go wrong with a fresh cool refreshing white wine! Sauvigon Blanc's are trendy now and it's clean tropical taste works very well with seafood. If you don't like the oakiness of Chardonnay, look for one that in "un-oaked", these will be sweeter and less overwhelming.

Red - If serving this wine with a special Mother's Day dinner say with steak and potatos and a heavy sauce, you'll want to go with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. For a lighter meal or just fruit and cheeses, a smooth Merlot or a light Pinot Noir will be nice. 

Pink - Pinks come in 2 main varietites, sweet Californian or dry. Look for "White Zinfandel" on the label to indicate the sweet Californian. If you want to dry variety, look for Cabernet, Shiraz or Pinot Nior roses and the word "dry" on the label.

If you still don't have a clue, come in and see us! We get questions every day from the curious new wine connoisseur! And once you pick that bottle, we have the perfect label for you! Simply print, cut and tie it on with a ribbon (or old shoelace!), the mom in your life will love it either way!

Mother's Day Printable