The Democratic Process in Lynchburg, TN

May 9, 2013

By: Eric Jackson

If you've never chosen a great group of friends, loaded up the vehicles and road-tripped to historic Lynchburg, Tennessee for a trip to the Jack Daniel's Distillery, you need to make some serious adjustments to your bucket list.

Even better than just going to Lynchburg? Yes, that exists. Mr. Bill Sinks, proprietor of Bluegrass Beverages, asked me "Have you ever been to Jack Daniel's to pick out a barrel of Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey?" The first thought that went through my head was "don't smile too much." Well, that didn't work. Fortunately there was no begging involved to be included as a member of the august body of aficionados Bill would choose to pick the next Bluegrass Beverages Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey.

Forgive me if you are already aware, but Jack Daniel's is NOT bourbon. Bourbon is that stuff they produce up north of here. It looks the same; tastes different. You see, Jack Daniel's is charcoal filtered, giving it that special smoothness. The process is much more expensive and totally worth it.

The Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey most people drink is blended from multiple barrels to form that signature taste we all know and love. But Single Barrel...well, as the name implies, comes from one barrel and is unblended.

And that, my friends, is what we got to taste. The nine judges of Bluegrass Beverages' Court of Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey were provided three sippin' glasses of fine Jack Daniel's product for judging. "Barrels 563, 568, and 573 please rise!"

If you have to go to court and be judged, this is where you want to be. There wasn't a frown, powdered wig, or lawyer in sight. We each tasted the three samples, in order, with water in between to cleanse the pallet. It's amazing the differences you can discern when you're really paying attention!

Much discuss ensued, with more sipping and discussion. In the end, the majority ruled, and a new crop of Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey was chosen especially for Bluegrass Beverages. Fortunately the dissenting judges names will not be revealed, AND you, loyal patron of Bluegrass Beverages, can have your very own bottle of our knighted whiskey! Swing by the store today and grab the winner!

View photos of the Jack Daniel's Single Barrel tasting event on our Facebook page. 

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