4 Beverage Planning Tips for your Next Event

March 29, 2016

Events take several months to plan and every detail is important right down to determining the beverage menu. Not only do you need to choose the type of beverages you serve, but you also need to determine the type of beverage service you will need. Remember, your choice of drinks that you serve is one of the highest profile aspects of your event. Your guests will talk about it for several weeks after the big event, and we want to make sure these memories are positive. Here are four beverage planning tips for your next event.

1. Know your audience. 

Take a look at your guest list. Try to understand the demographic profile of the majority of your guests and serve beverages that will appeal to them. For example, a male-dominated audience will generally want more beer and liquor than wine. For the average crowd, given location and what is available, a selection of three to four different types of domestic beer choices, one imported beer, a Chardonnay, a blush, and a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon should work. Mixed drinks are not always necessary, but is always a plus.

2. Plan your beverages around your menu. 

Only offering beer, wine and sodas before dinner, then changing to mixed drinks after dinner can help your budget and keep in line with your menu. 

3. Know your numbers. 

If you are expecting 150, does that mean that all plan to have one beverage at your event? No. Typically, you can anticipate an average of 3 drinks per guest. Of course, you know your friends best, so plan accordingly. 

4. Be creative. 

Special events are times where it's good to think outside of the box. Maybe there is a favorite craft beer that you know everyone will love. Go for it, make it happen, and see the delight in your guest's eyes when there is something new to try at your event. People will be talking about your party for months.

For some party hosts, this part this is their favorite part of the plan and for others, it is a nightmare. We are here to help. We provide beverages for events all throughout the year - from weddings to birthday parties to galas. We've got you covered with the most up-to-date information and have an event planner on staff to serve you. Complete an event form to get started.