Wines with Easter Ham

March 28, 2013

Ham is the classic Easter dinner, and we often get asked about which wines we recommend serving with this salty tradition. It is all in how you cook it....

If you are going for a ham with a honey, maple or other sweet glaze, stick to a light wine. Riesling is a very popular match for a traditional ham dinner. The dry but fruity flavor enhances the sweet and balances the salty of the ham. A Rosé would also be an excellent match. 

A Southern ham can better handle a light red like Pinot Noir. This light-medium bodied wine will pair nicely with the smoked, aged flavor of a country ham. The popular Chardonnay is a good match here as well.

These are some basic recommendations, but here are some additional rules and suggestions when it comes to pairing wine and ham. 

No matter what you are serving for Easter, we are here to help you find the perfect wine.