Exploring the World of Beer: The Beer Bucket List

June 5, 2013

By Eric Jackson

Have you ever had a bad beer...really? OK, if you think the only good beer comes out of a red, white, and blue can from St. Louis and is light yellow; stop reading now. If that's your beer-view, you're living in a world we'd rather not visit.

But if you've never met a beer you didn't like, or at the very least, know that somebody might love it - read on, friend.

Bluegrass Beverages/Bluegrass Market and Deli, Hendersonville and Sumner County's premier provider of beer, wine and spirits, is about to take you on a tour of the world of delicious beer through our newly-created and recurring "Beer Bucket List." Each month you'll be presented with a list of premium beers that our in-house experts have tested and are recommending to you, our beer-loving customer.

Gravity: It's not just a good idea - it's the law

Each month, the list will be divided into two categories: High Gravity and Low Gravity.

Is one beer heavier than another? Is that where gravity comes from? Uh...well that's a topic too complex for an average beer-lover like me. I think this is a job for Wikipedia.

The simple answer is:

High Gravity beers are 6.3% alcohol content and above and will be found in Bluegrass Beverages with the wine and spirits.

Low Gravity beers, or beers with 6.2% alcohol content or less, will be found at Bluegrass Market.

I'm excited that one of my favorites, Caldera IPA, is featured this month. You'll find a photo here. Don't let the can scare you, even though it looks as if it was designed by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. The hop fan will love it. The rest of you...might want to start with something else! And that's the beauty of this list. Everybody can get something! As for me, I'm looking forward to wrapping my mitts around a Green Flash West Coast IPA, also on this month's Beer Bucket List.

Download your very own copy of the Bucket List here. What are you going to try first?