How Much Beer and Wine Should I Serve?

July 13, 2016

It’s a classic party planning dilemma: how much beer and wine should you buy. Whether you’re serving keg beer, bottled beer, wine or a combination of all three, there are a few things to consider before you head to the wine and beer store in Hendersonville.

What kind of guests will you have?

Typically, you can plan on one drink per hour per guest, but that can vary depending on how heavy of drinkers your guests are. If you’re only offering wine and beer, the general rule of thumb is that 60% of guests will drink wine, and 40% will drink beer. That said, you know your guests best and can hopefully guess some of their preferences.
If you aren’t sure what your guests prefer to drink, think about the age and gender of most of the guests. For example, if your guests are mostly male 20-somethings, you may want to invest more in bottled and keg beer. If your event is heavily female, you may want to focus on buying wine at your Hendersonville wine store. In general, older people tend to prefer wine, while younger people often drink beer. If you have a lot of children attending your event, offer options like fruit juice or soda as well.

What kind of event are you hosting? 

Consider the type of event and the time and day it’s taking place. People usually drink more on weekends than they would at a weekday happy hour event. Are people driving after your event? That’ll play significantly into how many drinks they have.
The type of event you’re hosting can also help you guess what people will drink. People are more likely to drink beer at daytime parties and wine at a dinner event. Celebratory events like weddings or brunch events are an ideal time to serve champagne or other sparkling wine.
The food you serve at the event can also help you decide. If you’re having a dinner party, you can choose a wine from our Hendersonville liquor store that pairs with the food you’ll be serving. If you aren’t serving food, people may drink more beer or soda.

Should I serve bottled or keg beer?

Whether or not you should get a keg depends on how many beer drinkers will be at your event. If you’re only expecting a few beer drinkers, you can serve a mix of bottled domestic and craft beers. You can also get a beer growler or two if you prefer the taste of draft beer.
If there will be a lot of beer drinkers, a keg can be a good value. These days, kegs come in a variety of brands and sizes, so head to your beer store in Hendersonville to find out your options.
It’s safer to overestimate and buy extra beer and wine than underestimate and run short. Most liquor stores will allow you to return unopened beer and wine in Hendersonville, so there isn’t a significant risk in over-purchasing. In fact, some event planners recommend buying enough wine for 60% of the crowd and enough beer for 60% of the crowd, leaving you 20% excess as a safety net. 
Still need help? Check out this drink calculator or contact us to get in touch with one of our event planners.