Beverage Trends for 2017

January 9, 2017

Looking ahead to 2017 there are some major curves to stay on top of in the beverage industry! Here’s what we can see from here:

Whiskey Growth

Whether straight or in cocktails, this dark liquor has increased in popularity and accessibility in previous years, and we predict it will continue to grow. A great bourbon or scotch doesn’t have to cost a fortune anymore, and the younger “coming of age” crowd has helped to jumpstart the whiskey revival.
For Tennesseans: It’s no secret that Tennessee is a powerhouse for whiskey. And with the popularity of flavored whiskeys and other variants, there are more options to choose from than ever.

Rise in Craft Beer

Craft beers have been on the rise as the hot and trendy beverage in past years. Thanks to millennials, local breweries are flourishing with the craft craze. In turn, mainstream beer companies have invested in various craft endeavors as well. They have built their brands by acquiring mid-level microbreweries or diversifying into the craft sector.
For Tennesseans: Tennessee legislators have taken a huge step in supporting the state’s craft beer industry with a new bill that took place January 1. The ABW and ABV limits have been raised for Tennessee brewers to 8% and 10.1% respectively.

Wine Stays Strong

While wine has been around since the dawn of time, it continues to increase sales. Despite the fact that there are fewer purely wine drinkers (palettes have become more experimental), wine still has loyal fans that are actually drinking a higher quantity than previous generations. Millennials drink an average of 3.1 glasses of wine per occasion – nearly 30% more than Gen X and 40% more than Baby Boomers.
For Tennesseans: Wine sales in grocery stores beginning in 2016 has made wine more accessible for Tennesseans and bolstered sales. If you’re still wondering about how they compare, here’s why you should continue to shop with wine and spirits stores, however.

Education and Experimentation

Today’s beverage consumers love to learn. Brewery and vineyard tours are abundant, testing across categories is commonplace, and mixing and mingling of liquors is encouraged. Among wine drinkers, 19% said they had bought 10 or more wine brands in the past year. That number is indicative of the need for exploration among beverages for consumers.
For Tennesseans: Tennessee liquor stores have been pushed toward diversifying stock and selection on their shelves. This is why you can find a huge selection of wine, beer, and spirits right here in our Sumner County store to satisfy even the most adventurous drinker!