Top 5 Keg Beers Sold in Hendersonville, TN

February 23, 2016

Bluegrass Beverages is proud of our keg beer selection. We have access to 250+ keg beers, and the list is always growing. Are you like most and are tired of the same ole' beer at your family events and celebrations? No problem, we can help. Here are the top 5 keg beers that we sold last year. They may surprise you.

Kentucky-Bourbon-BBL-ale.png1. Kentucky Bourbon BBL Ale

Brewed by Alltech's Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, this beer has an ABV of 8.19%. It is available year-round and is an award winning Kentucky brew. It has a distinctive taste of a well-crafted bourbon. Aged up to six weeks and has flavors of vanilla and oak. It is often served as an after dinner drink. 



Yazoo_gerst-amber-ale.png2. Yazoo Gerst Amber Ale

Brewed here in Nashville, Tennessee by Yazoo Brewing Company, this beer has an ABV of 4.50%. Using mostly German malts, with a small portion of flaked maize, the Yazoo Gerst Amber Ale is easy to drink and quite refreshing. There is a hint of bread, toast, and caramel that carry the beer, with fruity undertones.



bearwalker-brown_jackalope.png3. Jackalope Bearwalker Brown

This beer is brewed in Nashville, Tennessee and has an ABV of 5.10%. It is a clear, dark amber color and has 100% Vermont Maple Syrup added to it. The result is a very distinctive maple flavor that sets this favorite apart.



Mayday_Boro-Blonde.png4. Mayday Boro Blonde

This beer brewed in the nearby town of Murfreesboro has an ABV of 4.50%. Its floral hop and citrus aroma has a touch of fruitiness and is sure to be a party favorite. It's a simple beer, and we believe simple is better when it comes to the Mayday Boro Blonde.



Briarscratch_Cottontown-Brown.png5. Briarscratch Cottontown Brown

Coming straight from Cottontown, Tennessee, the Cottontown Brown has an ABV of 4.0%. It is Briarscratch's flagship beer, a Southern style brown ale, and malty beer. The Cottontown Brown has hinted flavors of graham cracker, toffee, caramel, toasted malt, and chocolate. It is said to be "the lightest dark beer in TN."


Of course, we have the good ole' standards, too. These are ready for pickup in the store and do not require pre-ordering.

1. Bud Light
2. Miller Lite
3. Coors Light
4. Michelob Ultra
5. Yuengling

What's your favorite keg beer?

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