Trends of 2019: Canned Cocktails

December 13, 2019

By far, the top trend in alcohol for 2019 is the canned cocktail. No more lugging around three or four bottles just to make one drink! You have everything you need in one can. 

So whether you’re heading over to a friend’s house or want a refreshment on a long hike, there’s no need to limit yourself to just beer or wine. We’ve taken the happy task of compiling a list of the tastiest cocktails in a can to get you started in the right direction!

cocktail in a can

Fishers Island Lemonade

A hard lemonade sounds like it could be in the same category as Boone’s Farm, but this lemonade is delicious. Your alcohol of choice is whiskey or vodka, but it’s hard to even taste the booze over the tart and sweet flavor of the made-from-scratch lemonade. 

Cutwater Spirits

Cutwater Spirits has an assortment of canned cocktails, from their Cutwater Margarita, to a Bloody Mary in a can, back to a Paloma. We found the Bloody Mary quite tasty with its spicy and light Mary mix. Their take on Rum & Ginger was on point, too. The spicy ginger was a perfect marriage with the sweet and buttery rum. But our personal favorite was their Rum & Cola. They use their own house-made cola, which mixed perfectly with Three Sheets rum.

Gosling’s Dark and Stormy

This party in a can is a ginger and rum drink, and by party, we mean a 9% ABV party. The vanilla rum has flashes of butterscotch that pair well with the spiciness of the ginger beer.

Southern Tier Distilling Company

Southern Tier Distilling Company is located in New York and has a full array of cocktails in a can, and they spike each cocktail with their own brewed liquor. They boast a Bourbon Smash, Gin and Tonic, and Vodka Madras.

The Copper Can Moscow Mule

The clouds will open for you when you have a Moscow Mule in a can. This mule tastes just like it was mixed in front of you by a young, strapping Bolshevik, but no! It came in a four-pack.

Boulevard Brewing Co. Fling Craft Cocktails

Fling Craft Cocktails are Boulevard's take on the canned cocktail. They have a Mai Tai, Margarita, Gin and Tonic, and Blood Orange Vodka Soda. Each boasts natural ingredients and a taste true to the name of the drink itself. Boulevard is one of the premier brewers in the Midwest, so this is a definite must. 

Union Wine Co. Underwood Riesling Radler

This canned cocktail is more of a spritzer, but we won't hate on them for it. With the smell of a hopped sour beer, it tastes of peach and has an easy mouthfeel that’s sure to make your tummy happy.

Hochstadter’s Slow and Low Rock and Rye

If it feels like a whiskey drink, that's because it is. Eighty-four proof rye is dressed up with oranges, honey, bitters, and rock candy. Be careful, though: These cans may look tiny, but they are 100 ml each. That’s more than a shot and a half, so watch out!

Yes, trends come and go, and odds are this craze will die down at some point. However, with all these tasty options to choose from (and tons more that didn’t make this list), enjoy it while it lasts! And if you need to stock up, come on over to Bluegrass Beverages to check out the latest releases. 

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