5 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

December 13, 2016

It seems as though every year there's at least one person on the Christmas list that leaves you scratching your head. Whether it's the "already has everything" person or the "very picky, doesn't like anything" person, it can be a source of holiday stress. Fear no more! Here are 5 ideas for gifts that can all be found in our Hendersonville liquor store. 

Wine Lover's Coasterswine coasters

These practical and cute wine-print cork coasters come perfectly packaged. They look great out on a bar cart or on a side table. Throw in a six-pack of craft beer or a bottle of wine and you have the ideal hostess, Dirty Santa, or office gift! They're also a simple stocking stuffer for wives and moms!


Bloody Mary Basketbloody mary basket

Sure, anyone can make a Bloody Mary, but you can give a truly unique spin on this classic with a basket. Take your Sunday brunch up a notch with specialties like Demitri's bacon flavored rimming salt, Bold and Spicy Charleston mix, and Gil's Gourmet stuffed olives. Put them all in a basket with the bottle of vodka of your choice with a big bow! 

Yeti Productsyeti products hendersonville

Bluegrass Beverages is a proud authorized Yeti retailer. Not only does the brand make phenomenal products, there's an item for almost everyone's personality and price range. The new Yeti Hopper Flip is a great hybrid, with the carrying ease of the soft cooler, but the functionality of a hard top that can be used as a table. If you're looking for a lower price range gift, don't forget about all of the accessories like the Rambler Lowball or a Yeti Ice Pack. 

Moscow Mule Kitmoscow mule set

Moscow Mules are kind of the trendy drink right now. Everyone seems to have their version or spin on it. Mules are typically served in a classic copper mug. These can range from extremely cheap (don't) to ridiculously expensive (also, don't). The perfect mug is somewhere in the middle, like this Twine version. This is an ideal gift because while you wouldn't likely think to buy copper mugs for yourself, you'll love them once you own them. Fever-Tree Ginger Beer and a bottle of vodka are the best companions. 


Reindeer Beerreindeer beer craft

This requires some low-maintenance crafting, but is oh-so-cute. Just pick up a 6-pack of any bottled beer and you have some boozy Rudolphs. These can also be made using regular cola with a bottle of Jack Daniel's on the side, Smirnoff Ice bottles, or just plain root beer or soda for a non-alcoholic version! The possibilities are truly endless. (see how to construct them here)


Stop by soon to pick up those last-minute gifts for even the most difficult people on your list!