YAY! New Website

December 4, 2014

Have you seen it?

Well, duh, you're here. And we're so glad!

Bluegrass Beverages has just launched our new beautiful website courtesy of Keystone. The old site did the job, but it was time for some rearranging, updated content, and a modern look.

The spirit of change has been in the air for quite some time. It all started when the rumors of changing laws became reality. In short, we were a little scared at first but decided to grab life by the barrels and turn it into something positive. You know Bill Sinks doesn't do anything halfway, so when a store remodel came up, he went ALL IN. The result was a gorgeous store with tons of products we could not carry previously like cigars and wine gift bags along with a shiny new growler station!

Remodel the store - check!

Next came the website. Oh, and did we make some changes. Now that we have 24 taps, we wanted to show them front and center, which is why they earned a sweet spot on the homepage right below our recent blogs.

What else is new?

  • We've created a new form to inquire about events and the drinks that make them fun.
  • The "Products" page features information about the beer, wine, spirits, and cigars we carry in a pretty way. Scroll down to see them all.
  • The "Blog" page still features awesome content, but with a new look.
  • We added an Instagram account! Follow us to keep up with store happenings and new products!

Website Redo - check!

Take a few minutes to look around, you'll like what you see. We've got more fun things in store for 2015...stay tuned!