Visit Our Beer Growler Station

December 4, 2014

Beer growlers are the hot trend in beer now-a-days. It's easy. Grab a growler, fill her up, and take home fresh craft beer to enjoy at your pace. At Bluegrass, we have a whopping 22 beers to choose from as well as a red and white wine. Yep, that's 24 taps in all. 

Try them.

You might say, "I hate craft beer." We get it. It can be an acquired taste for some. For others, it doesn't take much convincing. But for you, the novice, we encourage you to keep an open mind. We have 22 different beers! And we've made sure that our tap choices are wildly popular and for all levels. Take the Oskar Blues Mama's Lil Yella Pils, for example. This is a great light beer for the newbie. The Schafly Coffee is divine! Perfect for sipping next to a fire with your favorite person (or dog). Bottom line - come in and try a couple. We offer two free samples for just coming in. You have no excuse NOT to try new beer and wine.

beer growler station

It's fresh and affordable.

Growlers (beer growlers and wine growlers) are an excellent way to get more for the money, and better tasting too. You could doubt the freshness of bottled beer. By nature, it's meant to be stuck in a bottle for a while then enjoyed. But draft, you know it's fresh. Same with wine. It's fresh from the keg. The typical wine bottle is about 25 ounces. Our growlers hold 32 or 64 ounces meaning you get a better price on MORE wine. Did we mention that wine growlers are perfect for parties?

We change them often.

As of today, we have just updated the tap list. Head back to our homepage and check out our newest additions. To make it easy, we've listed the new beers first. Keep an eye out, beer and wine will change as we run out and as the seasons change.

We are proud of our brand new 24 tap growler station. And Hendersonville has been so good to us so far! You've opened your arms to both beer and wine on tap!

We hope to see you soon!