An Evening with The Wagner Family of Wines

December 20, 2013

Life is short...and the occasion to drink great wines is not to be missed. For a fortunate few who accepted the invitation to attend the Bluegrass Beverages wine dinner at Morton's Steakhouse on December 5th, life and wine stood still, if only for a few hours.

Ed Murray with The Wagner Family of Wines was on hand to introduce the attendees to their storied brands. The Wagner operation is one big family - a family that has loved and lived the California wine country for five generations. It seems each generation adds a new wine, and that is definitely not a bad thing for the rest of the world.

The proprietor of Bluegrass Beverages, Mr. Bill Sinks, also regaled the group with stories of his visits with the Wagner family throughout the years. Bill’s appreciation for Wagner wines was obvious, which made the rest of us even more excited to taste the evening’s selections. 

Tasting began with the new Conundrum 2011 Red and Conundrum 2012 White. While it's known what varietals are contained in the Conundrum White, the new Conundrum Red is still a closely held secret. A feast of Pinot Noir was next with tastings of Belle Glos’ Dairyman, Clark & Telephone and Las Alturas. Next up, Mer Soleil Chardonnay Reserve 2010 and Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay 2012. While both are great Chardonnays, the red wine lovers were waiting for the 1985, 1998, and 2000 vintages of Caymus from Bill Sinks' private cellar. Everyone at our table was trying to talk their wife out of the '85. It was absolute magic. Lastly we enjoyed the Caymus Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2011.

You may be saying to yourself "Self, so what about those fancy wines? I drink good wine for a lot less, in the privacy of my own home." There are two reasons why this wine dinner was so special:

1. The proceeds from the event benefit the Hendersonville Rotary Foundation which provides funding for numerous nonprofits in Sumner County and beyond.
2. The wines that were sampled, and dinners like these will only serve to enhance your knowledge and appreciation of fine wine.

Bluegrass Beverages will host more of these wine dinners in the future. We hope to see you there!