Hot Question: Ham / Wine Pairing

December 18, 2012

Q: It seems like everyone's looking for a great wine to go with their traditional Christmas ham dinner. What does Bluegrass Beverages recommend?

A: Almost any wine can be served with a traditional ham dinner except very heavy reds.  Pinot Noir complements ham because it is loaded with sweet fruits.  These lush, cherry flavored beauties contain the acid and seductive complexity to cut the fat from the ham and add the sweet, exotic, magical multiple layers to the savor solid. A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc would also complement ham with its light, crisp, often tropical characteristics. The pungently aromatic green capsicum (bell pepper), gooseberry and lush passion fruit characters will bring a light, cleansing affect to the palate. Finally, because ham is salty, a champagne or sparkling white would be a great compliment to a ham dinner.