Holiday Cheers! Knob Creek, Wathen’s and Bluegrass Beverages Gift Cards!

December 16, 2010

Well, the holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is past…Christmas and New Year’s lie ahead. Until then, we’ve got football, oak burning in the fireplace and fine bourbon to keep us company while watching both. Oh, and shopping. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the bourbon lover on your list, stop by Bluegrass Beverages.

One of this month’s Internet specials is on Knob Creek, the #1 selling super premium bourbon in Nashville! You’ll find special Knob Creek/Bluegrass Beverages gift boxes on display (see Bill Sinks at right with the barrel the Bluegrass Beverages Knob Creek was aged in). The 750 ML gift boxed Knob Creek is now available for $29.99! 1.75 liter ($59.99) and 1 liter ($37.99) bottles are also available for a special price.

And a blast from the past has reappeared! Remember Wathen’s? Well, if you don’t…trust me here…come grab a bottle. You will not be disappointed. It's a spectacularly good Kentucky single barrel bourbon.

And if you simply want to let your spirits loving loved one to pick out their own goodies, Bluegrass Beverages gift cards are also available. Ask any Bluegrass Beverages consultant and they’ll be glad to set you up with a gift card!