Can It! The Case for Canned Craft Beer

August 21, 2014

If you've been in the market lately, you'll notice we have quite the selection of canned beer. Completely portable, they are perfect for tailgating, camping, a beautiful Tennessee day on the lake, or just a fun family BBQ. But it's not just your grandpa's beer in cans anymore. More and more craft breweries are jumping on the bandwagon and canning their amazing creations.

Are you one of the many who say "why can?"

Canning has carried a stigma, no doubt. In the 1960's when canning became the popular vehicle, cans were just cheap aluminum giving way to beer that tasted like aluminum, no fun to drink. Fast forward to 2002 when Oskar Blues decided to shake up the market and CAN their craft beer. It was unheard of. Why would you ruin a perfectly crafted beer by placing it in aluminum? Portability, and the fact that canning technology had come a long way. Now cans are coated with a water-based liner so the beer doesn't actually touch aluminum. Canning also has flavor benefits. Aluminum keeps light out which can affect the intended flavor.

This new method of packaging allows craft breweries to be more environmentally friendly (folks are more likely to recycle cans verses bottles) plus they are lighter than bottles saving money in shipping costs. For the smaller outfits, a new mobile canning movement has begun. Read more about that here. Pretty good read if you like reading about beer and innovation.

According to Russ Phillips, author of Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can (2014), the use of cans by craft brewers in the U.S. has doubled since 2012, with over 500 companies using cans to package their beverages. With more than 2,300 craft breweries in the country, get ready to see the percentage of canned craft beers rise. We already carry Terrapin and Mama's Little Yella Pils among others.

What's the moral of the story?

Give cans a chance! Just as wine from a screw top isn't bad wine, beer in a can isn't bad beer. Thanks to the growing trend of canning craft beer, these delectable beers can now be enjoyed where glass bottles are scorned. They are not only practical but beautiful as well. Breweries are bringing the personality of the people who craft the beer and the beer itself to the art of the can.

Next time you roll in to buy beer, consider one of the many canned craft brews offered at the Market. They are not only pretty and delicious, but also practical to tote along on all your exciting adventures! Now go plan an adventure.