What Foods Pair Well with Bread and Butter WIne?

April 10, 2014

Thanks to all that came out to try the delicious Bread and Butter wines!  Now that you’ve purchased a bottle or two, what do you pair with these wines?  The world of wine parings can be a challenge especially now that there are SO many varieties of wine out there.  Let’s face it, most of us just wing it and choose the wine with the coolest name or label then crack it open on spaghetti night!  But when paired properly, the flavors of the wine are intensified and also bring out favor notes in the food that you might not otherwise taste.


Bread and Butter pairing suggestions:

Here’s a little rundown on food suggestions that will take these Bread and Butter wines from delicious to outstanding!


Flavors of buttered popcorn and vanilla oak mingle with honeydew melon, lemon peel, papaya, jasmine, honeysuckle, banana, and lychee.  YUMMMM!  Pairing:  Because of the rich and creaminess of this Chardonnay, creamy sauces and fish dishes will pair well.  Also, try this with soft, mild cheeses and chicken breast.

Pinot Noir: 

Flavors of black cherry, orange peel, rhubarb, and a floral tea mingle with hints of caramel, mint, white pepper all with a toasty background.  This is a Pinot Noir in a traditional sense meaning it has not been blended with any other wine varieties.  Pairing:  We recommend pairing with roast pork or spicy Asian food!


On the palate, sweet floral and tangerine flavors mix with lychee, mango, lemoncello, and a hint of allspice.  Pairing:  We recommend chilling this wine prior to serving and enjoying with Thai food, shelled fish, and flavors that are more spicy and salty.

Go to the grocery store and be deliberate about pairing these great wines with the recommended dishes!  Your senses will thank you!