7 Life Lessons from Lynchburg

April 16, 2013

Last month we wrote about our tour of Jack Daniel’s. You can read all about our adventure and see our pictures on our Facebook page. After thinking about the day, the whiskey, the town and Jack Daniel himself, we discovered seven lessons that the distillery and the city of Lynchburg have to offer.
1. Jack Daniel died in 1911 of blood poisoning caused by gangrene, a condition that he developed after a toe injury. The injury was allegedly from kicking the safe when he couldn't get it open.
The Lesson: Money Can Kill You
2. We have no idea what significance the number 7 had for Jack Daniel. For more than 100 years, the number has represented the bottle of Jack, and no one can tell you why. Sad, but Jack did tell the story that mattered - his recipe. Seven master distillers have overseen the creation of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, and the production has never changed.
The Lesson: Tell Your Story
3. Lynchburg is full of southern hospitality and appreciation for its craft. The entire city seems to echo the story of Jack Daniel’s. For the visitor, this creates an even better experience and an intense appreciation for the spirit.
The Lesson: Know and Appreciate History
4. Jack Daniel’s became the first registered distillery in 1866. Jack knew he had a good thing, and he didn't waste time in making it official.
The Lesson: Know When You Have a Good Thing
5. Jack Daniel was just over five feet and had a shoe size of just 4. He was just 13 when he bought the whiskey mill and got to work. And think about Lynchburg. This one-stop traffic light city produces every single Jack Daniel’s bottle sold worldwide.
The Lesson: Don't Let Your Conditions Drag You Down
6. When the whiskey goes in the barrel, it is clear. When it comes out of the barrel after several years, it is a warm brown. This is caused by the expanding and contracting of the barrels that are stored in one of the many barrel houses around Lynchburg. These houses are not temperature controlled, so the highs and lows of the weather make the barrel give and take, adding color to the whiskey with each season. 
The Lesson: Age Gives You Color
7. Charcoal filtering, or mellowing, defines the Jack Daniel’s process. Drops of whiskey are filtered through 10 feet of charcoal. This is a process that takes a long time but is critical to the JD taste. It is what makes it a Tennessee whiskey.
The Lesson: Let Your Differences Define You
We encourage you to visit Lynchburg and see all that Jack Daniel's Distillery and the town of Lynchburg have to offer.